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New Ford Bronco Coming in 2021

Back in July, Tammy made me aware that Ford had launched a new SUV. Well, relaunch is more appropriate. To Ford fans, Broncos have had a cool factor since 1965 when they launched the first time. OJ Simpson killed the Bronco in 1996, right after his wife, Nichole.

Bronco is back. Now with a sub brand of vehicles, starting with Bronco Sport (a Ford Escape based off-roader) and the Bronco (an F150 based Jeep killer.)

(2021 Bronco - Black Diamond Edition)

I've reserved a spot to order mine. I like the Bronco Badlands. Its a beast! I'm still looking into all the options and specs. I think I have until March 2021 to decide. Mass production doesn't start for months. Deliveries probably won't be until July/August 2021.

Follow my spin and adventures IG @broncostoked / YoutTube @broncostoked

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