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2021 Home Recording Guide: Less Is More

I've had a handful of people ask me how to get into recording at home and what they need to get started. It really depends on what type of recording one wants to do. I'm a songwriter, vocalist, and voice narration provider. This is my home studio workspace in Ethridge, TN. It's where I perform and deliver the majority of the vocal/voice work that I do. In this post I'll show you my gear, apps, and setup.

Because I'm fairly close to a couple of music centers, (Nashville, TN / Muscle Shoals, AL) I get calls to render voice work in person for producers who prefer to work in person. I enjoy both, but more and more work these days is coming through my inbox.

Let's dive in.

doug stokes singer voice

Here's my current desk and workspace. It's clean and simple, clear of nicknacks as they can be distracting and in the way.

The desk is a low-profile, mid-mod writing desk by Ameriwood with riser that is good for speakers. The chair is an armless retro bankers chair that rolls and swivels.


I keep instruments, controllers, and other mics tucked away in a nearby closet as I don't use them every week. Most weeks its voice and click work. This room is naturally dead due to the rug, furniture and vaulted ceiling. It has a slight ambience or airiness which plays well with recording my 4 octave baritone voice, as a super dead space would sound too close and stuffy.

HOME STUDIO GEAR LIST: (in order of signal path)

Checkout this bundle - Mic / Interface / Headphone Package

9/10 of my home studio jobs are delivered through this setup. It's optimized for that flow. I have a Rode K2 tube mic that I use on certain projects where I'm stacking a ton of vocals, as it colors an airy finish to my voice.


Multi-Track Recording: Logic Pro X

File Delivery: Dropbox, Hightail


iOS App: Pro Metronome by EUMLab (to verify song tempo)

iOS App: Garage Band (to verify song key)

App: Google Meet (video conferencing)

I use Logic Pro X as my main recording software. It comes with so much packed in at such a great price, it's really a no brainer for me. In the past I've used Adobe Audition, Pro Tools, many different VST instruments and effects plugins. Logic Pro X out of the box is really all I use anymore.

When my tracks are ready to deliver, I export them in universally compatible wav files to send to producers via file share.

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