Cycle Journal: Trip 001 - St. Florian City Park

Yesterday we took a cycling road trip to St. Florian City Park (Florence, AL> City Webpage

Scattered rain almost had us turn around, but we pressed on to partly sunny skies and good weather for a ride. Only a 40 min drive from home we arrived and got rolling around 6:30 pm.

The wooded park features a beautiful paved 3/10 mile path that is pretty much flat and winds in a loop roughly the size of a football field running track. There is a slight rise to the trail which adds to the workout and provides a nice breezy coast down the back straight.

Trail: 3-stars

Weather: 4-stars

Distance From Home: 2-stars

Over All: 3-stars

New Gear Note: I recently purchased this 2-bike roof rack. It easily clamped to my aftermarket roof bars. So far, it its a great rack with a sturdy design. The zip straps feel heavy duty and grip well. The upright bar adjusts down when not in use. I plan to leave it on my roof. We'll see how it weathers.

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