Song Story: "So Is My Love"

"So Is My Love" was written a year or two after Tammy and I married. We met and married in a single summer, later in life, each reeling from failed marriages. And though we had known each other from times past, we were both stepping into something very new and very risky. Neither one of us wanted a repeat of what we'd been through relationally. So we waited and prayed. But it wasn't long before I knew what we had was very special, rare, and what I had longed for all of my life - true, unconditional love and respect for a lover.

It's called "twin fames" when you find that one person - your person - the only one in a dozen lifetimes who can satisfy your body, soul and spirit. Some call it "soul mates." I don't think that term does it justice. There's something higher at work than what the mindful soul can fathom. I think there could be many soul mates for any one person. You're blessed if you find one. But only one twin flame. Tammy is mine.

Stream Song:




A gentle wind

As it wanders through the trees

A cool fresh breeze

So is my love for you, so is your love for me

The water's edge

Calm and winding spring

Good to drink

So is my love for you, so is your love for me

Deeper than any sea, higher than any star in the sky

And the planets envy the bigness of this love between you and I

And the Gods cry, and the mighty men they weep

Cause they'll never know a love like this, you and me

Still twin flames

Burning lighting up the night

A warm soft light

So is my love for you, so is your love for me

So is my love for you, so is your love for me

This song displays so much of our story together. If I recall, it is the first song we co-wrote.

It wasn't until after the song was penned that it occurred to me that the structure is very much like a sonnet, with a modern lyrical adaptation for sing-ability as the third verse. This makes it purely an A-A-B-A song structure, which is quite common in modern music of all genres.

The B section is fun to analyze because it was composed for sing-ability first, not for grammatical or rhyme. For example, "you and I" in the second line resolves with "sky" from the first line. However, "you and me" in the forth line resolves with "weep" from the third. These choices aren't technically correct, but it sings good.

"So Is My Love" appears on our recently released #EP of the same title. Find it everywhere digital music is sold and streamed.

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