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Song Story: "Take Me Home Country Roads"

One of my earliest memories is my Mom and Dad singing John Denver’s “Take Me Home, Country Roads” at a church Fall Fest talent show in full hobo regalia.

If I recall correctly, we all dressed as hobos for #Halloween that year. That must have been #1978, not long after that song had reached mega-hit status.

My parents can sing. They get the credit for my musical beginnings. #Country music was played in our home on 8-track, vinyl, and solid-state radio. Mom played #piano and I do recall her #singing the occasional #PatsyCline tune at least as sweet as Pasty ever did.

Years later, as #drumming gigs had taken me all across the US and parts of Europe and Asia, I’d often remember and sing this song in my mind on the journey home. When Tammy Thompson Stokes and I #married and began singing together, this song was one of the first we really clung to. I’m glad it lives in our #songbook like it did mom and dad and so many others around the world. It’s a favorite of many, and we are pleased to include it on our new EP “So Is My Love.”

PS. Thank you Mom and Dad for blessing me with a love for good music and nurturing my earliest desires to create it.

#songstories #dougandtammy

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