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Why Record A Song?

demoing a song

To procreate is to reproduce one's self in like manner. To create is to reproduce one part of one's self in some medium that can be perceived by another. When we create something, it's like giving birth to a thought or idea that was conceived, carried, then brought forth from abstract to reality. It's one of the coolest things we can do as people. Likewise when we paint, or sculpt, make movies, or write stories or songs - Each work has a small piece of ourselves inside, even if on a subconscious level. It's part of our Devine imagery.

Songwriters, writing down your lyrics is a start. Even if they are never recorded, they're out of your head and into the world (cell phones count so long as your content is in the cloud and accessible). What's next? Does what you've written have value? The answer is always yes. You, your friends and family can enjoy your creations. Print your lyrics and frame them. Make a coffee table book. Blog. Share on social media. Put it out there.

Every now and then, if one has the desire and means, you should have your songs recorded. You can sing them. Most people sing okay. If you can't, hire it out. Give your song the voice it needs to bring it to life. Every song deserves a good recording. Every song needs a singer, every story a voice. Demoing is for commercial writers trying to get commercial cuts. If this is not you, don't. Record yours for you. Put it out there. Play it. Sing it. YouTube it. If it grows wings, that's a bonus.

Happy creating. Whatever and wherever it is.

PS. I've been away from blogging since the Holidays. I've been focusing on new opportunities and new adventures. Life has been interesting and exciting lately. My work is finally my outlet again. Follow along at,, and all of my other social channels.

PPS. The person in the photo above is Shawniqwa. She is my spirit animal.

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