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Cassette Boom Box

I knew it! When vinyl made it's modest resurgence 10 years ago I told a friend, "You watch, cassettes will be close behind." Although the cassette release still hasn't reached the sales numbers vinyl has boasted in recent years (Vinyl does nearly 9 million units annually), they have become a more affordable option for indie music creators and their object loving hoards. Some artists are even re-releaseing limited edition projects from the early 2000's that only ever saw digital and CD release.

Cassettes are nastalgic and retro - Two things that are always in style, especially in musical circles. I still own several cassette playing devices. Another thing, cassettes are still very affordable - Something vinyl left behind.

However, as of this post, streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify are still king, winning the affordability game hands down, adding a head-spinning 44 million subscribers last year alone. (of which I finally became one - Apple Music and Amazon Prime.)

So the next garage sale or Goodwill you peruse, keep an eye out for the rare cassette deck or boom box. And hey, go ahead and dust off those old Eagles and Bon Jovi cassettes and give them another spin for old time sake. You know you still have them.

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