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Demo well

Just like the proverbial tree that fell in the woods, if a song is never recorded and given a voice, was it ever really written? For songwriters, demoing a composition is really the only chance your snowball has in hell of getting heard. Having a great track and singer helps, a lot.

Pro Tip #1: Demo well.

Many songwriters are singing their own demos these days. They think that adding their own voice to the demo makes it real and authentic - This is true. I sing my own demos. I often encourage this to my clients. But in my experience, most song seekers aren't looking for this. They're looking for songs that sell. They want to recognize the singer so they can get past the voice and get to the material. (Side note: I have the luxury of being one of several prolific demo singers in Nashville, so it works for me.)

Every song deserves a great recording, demo or master. If you've been on the fence, waiting for things to line up so you can focus on your songwriting, you're missing out. Business is booming in Nashville. Everyday songs are pitched for consideration on hundreds of upcoming projects for recording artists, movies, TV, games, and commercials.

If you're writing songs, for yourself or for placement, get in the game! Play for fun - You just might win.

Pro Tip #2: Publisher not required. Indy songwriters/artists (like myself) are operating just fine without them.

If you're stuck and just need some advice, get in touch. I can help.

PS. Every month I'll share some valuable insights I've gleaned from 15+ years in the commercial music business. I don't have any hits - yet. But, I've had 4 pro publishing deals, 40+ cuts, and I co-write with hit writers/artists often. Thanks for reading. Enjoy the ride.

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