New Music Review: Egypt Station (Paul McCartney, 2018) 3.5 Stars

Driving through the Blue Ridge Mountains from Nashville, TN to Richmond, VA, I downloaded and listened to Paul McCartney's latest release "Egypt Station." Track by track - Here are my thoughts. (Note: This is NOT a serious digestion of this work, one which I'm very capable of and may write later. Just some riffing while driving in the rain with a casual first listen.) 1. Opening Station (0:41) Nice. A concept record. Atmosphere and ambience. Dig it. 2. I Don't Know (4:26) Someone should help Paul figure out what's wrong with him. He's been doing this long enough he should know by now. 3. Come On To Me (4:10) Paul McCartney seems to be having trouble finding a girlfriend. He's a little shy a

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